A little bit about me...


Hi, I'm Sam.

I provide1 to 1 support and practical solutions to tackle homes that are drowning in clutter. I can help you reduce the amount of stuff in your home to create a beautiful, ordered space that you will ENJOY spending time in. And if you're trying to sell your home it's all about increasing that price-tag!

I believe passionately in the connection between our surroundings and our mental well-being. When we start to feel out of control, it is often reflected in our homes. And when we begin to create a calm, ordered space, we feel better. It's as simple as that.

Be it bereavement, ill health, struggling to juggle work-life with family-life or simply having better things to do, we have all had times when sorting out the house feels like the last thing we can face. That's where I come in! 

It is my mission to give clients the support, guidance and vision to truly transform their space. I take a sensitive but systematic approach, breaking the process down into bite-sized chunks. With my help, you will get real, lasting results whilst avoiding the common pitfalls and minimising stress. I can support you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your goals. 


Please get in touch to find out more.

Sam x