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How can I help?

I offer tailor-made sessions for each client as everyone has different circumstances and goals. If money is a concern, I will always do my best to help you in the most cost-effective way possible. Maybe that's just a phone call to set you in the right direction or a one off session to get things kick-started and set you in motion.

A session with me may include:

- hands on decluttering: sorting through items, trips to charity shops, tip etc

- support with letting go of items that carry emotional significance

- help with online selling to make you money!

- paperwork blitz: we'll work through everything you've been putting off, together

- implementation of new, easy-to-maintain filing and storage systems

- sourcing of new storage boxes or shelves where needed

- home-styling support & advice

I want my clients to enjoy their homes without the burden of clutter. They should experience the satisfaction of knowing precisely where everything is when they need it and wake up every day in a beautifully balanced space that inspires peace and joy.

If this sounds good to you, please get in touch and let's see if I can help you!

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